Friday, 28 June 2013

Tribute-A Poem

The mark of the gentleman his humbleness be,
Profound yet, patient his greatness be!
One  I’ve known  a year just past, but the impact
Beyond any reckoning be ! A teacher and a mentor would he be,
My only regret not to have known him more!
A simple smile and a wave of hands marked him so!
Where gestures and words less than a smile  did mean.
Each smile profound, guidance and inspiration granted me.
Low when I was, his words great hope did give!
Were a one so deep, as a well to draw,
Big draughts of knowledge, wisdom and awe!
  Gladly would I float on winds which so me inspire,
Borne aloft on profound, yet twinkling smile;
And looking on, I go a farther mile!
But then has  time come to bid farewell!
For all good things do come to pass one day.
Yet do I wait for  when paths do cross,
To quench a thirst of parched throat.
Gladly would I sip from the fountainhead-
Of knowledge, inspiration and humbleness
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