Saturday, 22 June 2013

Contemplation-A Poem

I sit watching, drinking the rich beauty of  clouds
As they drift, smothering the mountain tops.
Soon the sun peeps in, bathing the world
With a warm and loving glow, turning the
Lake into a perfect mirror  sliced by a family
Of cackling ducks to break my reverie.
Shifting my gaze, I look at yonder hill, trees still
As guards on duty, a host awaiting a moment so grand.
A crash in the branches as something moves! I turn
Towards the path where I came, reluctant steps-back to
My room. But on the way see I a bee lustily sipping at
The nectar from an exotic flower and pause!
Satiated,  turn I back on my path, back home,
Full yet sad about what I am leaving behind! And as I
Sit down to reflect, I am startled by a family of simians
Who look curiously at me, but I wait for them to pass.
Chuckling, I continue on my walk reflecting and ruminating
About the day to start and what it would bring further.
The next morn when I return, its all gone!
There were few birds flitting from the bushes,  the
Sky  overcast with clouds  seemed to brood on matters
Deep!The flowers that smiled the previous day gone,
Seemed to droop. For life seems to bring
Surprises anon, a sunny day followed by an
Overcast, while nature sings of the bright and
Dull, bitter and sweet, ups and downs to be savoured!
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