Friday, 28 June 2013

Heritage School S.P. Retreat Naukuchia Tal 2013 - a few Snaps

The Naukuchia Tal in all its splendour photographed early in the morning.
Akshay Sir and Me
Grit in the eyes?
Sliding down the rope, Mr. Bannerjee?
Balwinder Ma’am sliding down the rope bridge!
A safe landing!
“Yes, I did it”, Ishita Ma’am
A Gang of Three?
Like father like daughter? Akshay Sir with his daughter
The View from the floor on with our room was
The Workshop and the Huddle!
And how could I forget the certificate, Ishita Ma’am?
Sorry, Bannerjee Sir, I forgot my alkenes, alkanes, and my organic Chemistry!
But then how could I forget our S.P. L. Vishnu giving a certificate to Preeti Ma’am!

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