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Epiphany Church Gurgaon–Annual Convention 2013-A glimpse

The Guest speaker for the first two days-Pastor Vivek Masih
The Annual three day convention of the Epiphany Church of Gurgaon took place from the sixteenth to eighteenth of August. The Guest speaker on the first two days of the convention was Pastor Vivek Masih, and on the final day, the gathering was addressed by the Rt.Revd. Bishop Sunil Singh.The theme for the convention was based on the statement, “ Make me a channel of your peace.” The convenors for the Convention were Mr Robin Moses and Mr Noel Chandrekar.
Revd. Sunil Ghazan and his Wife Saroj immersed in the spirituality of the moment!
Mr Vijay Russell introducing the Guest speaker to those gathered on the first day.
Pastor Vivek Masih talked about how the Church is like a training centre for all churchgoers, and how the message of peace should spread through out the world through us. He went on state rather strongly that a man who is not at peace within himself because he feels guilty will never experience peace! Pastor Vivek’s address to the gathering was interspersed with anecdotes and short stories which were very interesting. One was about a tree which had caught fire, and the people could see a bird flying over it. After some time, the bird itself descended on to the burning tree to be consumed by the flames. Later when people gathered at the site, they saw that the bird had been burnt up but beneath its body were two chicks, alive and full of life!
The Rt. Revd. Bishop Sunil Singh delivering the message on the last day
The Right Revd Bishop Sunil Singh on the third day of the convention talked about peace, not just of the individual, the family, the society, but rather the peace of the Lord that encompasses everything. We talk about disturbance in distant lands, but then are we at peace with the Lord? He went on to talk about the importance of reconciliation with each other, reconciliation with Nature as important steps for ensuring that we become a channel for God’s peace in a world which is disturbed by violence, wars, and natural calamities.
Members of the youth fellowship  singing lively numbers on the occasion.
Children of the Sunday School Wing  singing a spiritual song with zest!
A packed church stood testimony to the hunger for spiritual messages.
And the church was packed for the penultimate day-Also seen is Mrs. Rekha Singh, the first lady of the Diocese
Food at the end of each day’s programme was served in the basement hall
Queuing for lunch!
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