Sunday, 4 August 2013

Dusty World-A Poem

On  bright early morning the sun shines strong, as  flowers spill scents,
And clouds do dance! Swept by  merry currents two lusty trout, on spumes
Do slide to meet the sea. Great branches sway gently in the breeze,
As vast green fields stretch afar!
And Nature bids the birds to sing, while insects hum and buzz
All day. As vast green fields do  stretch afar, a crystal stream flows
Apace! All animals graze and sleep all day, Nature at peace,
The world its Grace!
Another day  would I gladly spend, for  scent of spring for sure to come,
Of twinkling stream none remains, but a sad brown stream gurgles and
Groans. Of bright blue sky only dust remains. Covered by fug
  So Chokes the world!
Of all the  birds  none remain, the flowers alas, have faded long,
Brown as paper burned by Sun, while the animals wake and
Moan aloud! Another day I’d gladly  spend, to see
The  trout and birds a flight!
So wander I,  eternal wanderer, to see a world so fair so fresh!
Where Nature  bids the birds to sing and flowers to blossom in
Colours so bright! But then, my weary feet do lead across a field
Of grass Burnt brown!
Gurgaon Skyline
Of scents so sweet, but  how I smell, the stink of smoke and diesel
Fumes. And so, I plod across a pond, of brackish water, of fish
Long gone! The green’s turned brown, the trees in tatters,
The blue’s up turned in greys and browns!
And so I seek, a world of green, and blue, and crystal whites,
And to see the clouds that drift across a clear blue sky.
A world so filled with songs of birds, of scents so sweet,
The sense does reel!
Bunch of Flowers

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