Friday, 9 August 2013

For Tomorrow does dawn- a poem

Drink and be merry for tomorrow never comes!
“Grab, oh grab the  moment as it comes!
Spend, oh  spend  all you’ve got lest the
Morrow never comes! Dance oh dance,
Grab  oh grab the moment as it comes!

Enjoy for the morrow might never dawn!
Drink, oh   drink  to never end  the  time
(And  the  present  moment  slips  away).
Enjoy for the morrow might never dawn!”

For so teaches you the present times,
That to savour each breath one takes
As though one of the last one for ages
Might be the best way to live our lives!

“Spend, oh  spend  a one  night   stand!”
For  so,  you    never   did   value   what
Life  does teach, of relations to last and
Love,   kindness,  sympathy  and  care!

And  so  advises   me a  friend of  mine,
“Live for  the  moment, live to the fullest,”
For so does he live just for the moment-
True foot-soldier of the carpe-diem is he!

But I, the stubborn, old timer would rather
Wait  for  the morrow  to dawn, for me, I’d
Rather grab another moment, if it comes,
Than   waste   a  life  in  a  puff  of  smoke!

So, wait oh, wait !Dear friend of mine, for who
  Does know what the dawn might bring, as
You sigh of a life of smoke, so to drown in
Glass of wine as the dawn does smile of hope!

Tarry and wait, leave some for later, for the morrow does dawn!

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