Sunday, 20 October 2013

Alpha City-A dream

Glancing up at the sky early in the morn, before the sun had risen
And all the world yet slept, covered by a large blanket of sleep,
I stepped out of my home for a brisk walk. But at once did stop
My foot as glancing up at the clear sky saw more than the common
Number of stars and celestial bodies. Curious, I looked further!
And I was full of the desire to see more!

And Lo, saw I a large city etched on the firmament, well defined
roads and streets that did transect blocks of dwellings and homes.
From the grand city full of light did rise great ships with lights
So bright! Sure was I amazed at the sight of such a scene, each
Block, and grid of the grand city floating in the air seared in my mind!
And I was filled with wonder!

So I lay myself down on the ground so to gaze further at this celestial
Sight, all the while soaking in the images that flowed from the sky.
The ships did flit from different points in the city as if launched to
Explore distant lands perhaps Earth would be one! Soon saw I with
Amazement as one approached the Earth’s sky, moving with purpose.
And sure was I filled with amazement!

And yet the world did sleep as sky did blaze forth with the glow of
Engines and lights of a number of space-craft that flitted across
The sky, sent probably from another world. But then did my mind not
Fear what I saw, for it seemed as though it were expected that we should
Be part of a bigger purpose than those of selfishness and cruelty!
And I liked what I saw!

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