Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Free-Flight (A poem)

I was like a free-bird caught in the net
Of a society going through the pangs
Of re-birth! It was a society caught in
The pangs of an upheaval which had tipped
Away a regime based on spirituality!
I saw my friends’ fathers being carted
Away for seeming to sympathise with
The previous regime, fear writ large on
Pale faces full of anxiety, of what they
Had said and what they really had meant.
A world it was where associations rose and
Fell, and “traitor”s were treated with contempt,
To be carted away unceremoniously to be shot
Dead, or “re-educated” to emerge as strangers
To  families  speaking of philosophies so strange!
Of men and women long gone do I speak, all
Victims to philosophy of subservience to the
Party headed by a man who dictated complete
Subservience and obedience, so to swallow,
Aspirations like a vulture gulping chunks of flesh.
For so it was a society that that would curb birds
From flying the winds of freedom, and tenets that
Would curb the very thoughts that emerge from the
Minds as belonging to the party and so off bounds!
And so did I spread my wings on winds of words.
So do I sing of a time gone by, when men and
Women cried with tears of blood, a sacrifice
Laid waste by a philosophy of freedom laid bare,
By men of questionable intentions who’d feed on
Aspirations that would float on wings so light!
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