Monday, 7 October 2013

Oh, Lord, tell me that your annointed ones are true! A poem

For did I trust in your anointed one and did he choose to forsake me,
But I thought that he was truly your anointed one who would do me
Good! But then the time did pass and did he try to cut a tree in its prime
Like a gardener who had other things on his mind!As he sat regal in his
Purple robes, a face wrecked by his plots for gaining him earthly riches.

So do I question my faith does question your decision to anoint one to
Guide your flock- a shepherd a man dressed in the skins of a wolf, and so to
Lead a flock of sheep that hunger for one to lead. But then does he try to put
His herd  to sleep with words so fair; but  do they sound so hollow, and to
Assure them all is good, he sings a song to make his sheep to sleep!

All the while the wolf does range the lonely road as the sheep do go
To the fold to sleep! The wolf does pick on its victim as they go,
While the shepherd garbed in purple does sing a song to confound!
Does the anointed one have no conscience to prick and so to find
A refuge for his sheep so innocent? But then has he other things in mind!

So, Lord, do I ask, tell me Lord, that your chosen ones are the true guides!
That they are are true to a faith so rich. Are they forsooth the guides
That would deliver their sheep to the fold secure and safe from the wolf
That ranges? But then does the shepherd in purple sing the songs
That put the sheep to sleep! For Trusted they one who dressed in purple!

But tell me O Lord, that my faith is good, although your shepherd does
Sleep so deep and wolves do range the  forest, while the night does
Fall so deep! Tell me O lord that your Grace does transcend the night
So dark, that my  trust in you does surpass  one dressed in purple,
As he sits on a throne so grand! So does the flock move in faith so deep!

So tell me O Lord that my faith is good, that I may contain body and soul.
In spite of of a shepherd who has other things to deal
But cares least of all of a flock to deliver. So does the feel
Of loneliness fall upon the flock of sheep. And I one so full
Of faith that does transcend the shepherd  with mind so full!

So O Lord do I sing of songs that mark your Grace so great so great.
But tell me O Lord that my faith is good, that I might continue my journey
Without the shepherd in purple dressed. As I wander the path so dark,
I sing praises of my Lord so great. So need I nought a shepherd in
Purple, for my Faith in the good Lord does guide me through the lanes so dark!

So tell me O Lord that my faith is good to guide me down lanes so dark,
Although the shepherd does sleep a careless sleep in a mind so dark!
That I might not lose my faith to men of lesser minds, a shepherd so stark,
Who communes with the wolves that range! For if your anointed one with mark
So dark,does feed like a shark that feeds on the souls of to mark.

So do I bear a cross so drear, my lord, do tell me that my faith is good!
The journey is tough, the road so drear, where would I get but a guide
So fair, as when my shepherd deserted me so, to gain his wealth, to
Shed a sheep, but one of his sheep  one so many, does he  strum his lyre
To put to sleep! So my shepherd  does call the wolves to consume that lag behind!

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