Friday, 22 November 2013

A Teacher’s Farewell

My children, my students, we’ve spent a year and the time
Has come to bid you farewell, I taught you all I knew and
Learned more from you than you’d ever guess!
When you gave me a citation I was moved to tears, but couldn’t
Show. I have been your teacher for the year past!
And a teacher’s meant to be tough and cool, a reservoir of emotions!


When you asked me to visit  you from another class while
I taught, I promised five minutes because you compelled me.
 How do I tell you that I have commitments and responsibilities towards others!
When I reached the class I saw you waiting for me, and felt selfish
To have made you wait, but then I have commitments to other
Students who look forward to me to teach them a lesson of life!
My children, I have loved you like my own children, looking in you
My own, and when I reprimanded you, it was because I cared
For you, and when you were down, I was concerned for you!
When the other class indifferent to the subject, I found
Joy when I visited you! The engineers and doctors were
Too full of themselves, proud of their abilities!

But then, I found joy in your ability to learn and listen patiently,
I thought of quitting when I visited the Doctors and Engineers 
Because they were rude and insulting in their attitude!
God bless you for the patience you showed me,  you will
Go a long way than those who were filled with pride,
Humble yet great, you listened to me with patience!
For pride does lead to disaster, while humbleness
Leads to success! Believe me, you’ve got the makings of success
  Than those who’d be engineers that build bridges that break!


Sure, doctors you would be, but what would you do if feelings you had not ?
For medicine does teach you that you need to feel another’s pain, but,
  You do think that disease would not you touch, forget the lesson you did learn!
Remember, my children, your faith and trust in the teacher would pay
Greater dividends than those who thought they were too intelligent
To pay attention in class, for pride does ruin intelligent minds.

Believe me my dear children, I did the best I could, so to make you,
Understand the need to be humble. And sure I found joy in teaching you,
Your support for me formed me so, I learned more from you than you me!
Sure,  I looked at you as my own children and treated
You thus! Others questioned our methods so, but  we will prove them wrong!
For intelligence devoid of  faith is but an empty vessel that makes a hollow noise!
The citation that you gave me was better than any certificate given by my employer,
Your trust in me, gave me all the encouragement that I would ever need!
I thought that I was wrong in my teachings, but you proved me right!
Fare you well dear children, for sure I loved you like my own children.
 I saw my own children in each one or you, your love for me
Did overwhelm me so. You taught me a lesson in trust and faith!
I love you each one of you, and do pray that you may taste
Of  success , for believe me, you are all winners  so great!
If a teacher’s blessings do carry weight, then sure you’ll remember me.


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