Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Is Nature to be found only in Sanctuaries?

The beauty of Nature is to be found everywhere, it only requires the discerning eye to see it! The Parrots that congregate together, and the peacocks that pair are proof enough that nature exists within our door steps! The bees that hum and the butterflies that flit can be found right at your doorstep! All they require is that you appreciate the bounty of Nature, all for your pleasure and delight!
2012-10-27 15.00.29
Unfortunately, it has become fashionable to visit a sanctuary and sing praises of the animals and birds we spot, little knowing that there are even more beautiful creatures waiting right by our doorsteps, just waiting to be acknowledged and appreciated! How often do we ignore the sparrows that chirp, welcoming the dawn of the day, and the vine that thrusts its tender tendrils to grasp at the wholesome sky, proclaiming the power of life, all for your appreciation and delight!
And so when I saw this crowd of Parrots sharing a meal together, along with some birds of another flock, I wondered about how nature teaches us to share, and live with mutual respect and tolerance. But then unfortunately,  we humans live within our divided worlds, distinct by the colour of our skins, and the status of our position in the society, while sparrow do chirp to welcome the dawn of a new day! And so I saw these geese, welcome me with a trust so great!
2013-03-22 13.23.39
But then why do we look for nature in sanctuaries when we can find nature right within our souls, for it needs only a time to appreciate the beauty of the rising sun, or the flitting of a gaggle of geese across the sky to remind us that we too are part of nature, a greater creation of God, something made not out of modern technology, but a vision much greater than human minds! So then pause and appreciate nature as it exists, not just in Sanctuaries, but right next to your door step!
2012-10-30 15.10.28
Do you, therefore take time to look at the butterfly that flits across your vision, or listen to the peacock call to its mate, while you think of the day ahead? Pause awhile all you who join the race to the finish line, for wealth or fame, pause awhile to appreciate and drink the beauty of nature that is to be found not just in Sanctuaries, but right next to your doorstep! But then are you so blinded that you search for nature in places far away from your dwelling that you set aside the time and day to take your family to a visit to a Sanctuary!
Therefore, to show you the beauty of nature have I trapped a few creatures of nature for you to pause and see, how beautiful nature around you happens to be! And if you thought that these belonged to a sanctuary would I prove you wrong! For the rising sun,  and the blooming flowers are there for you to see, if only you could pause and look at the bounty that the Lord has made for you. How can I stop you, who are so keen on winning the race to success and fame that you turn a blind eye to the blooming flower that beckons to you with the love and joy?

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