Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A World of Words

Sure I’ll build us a world of words, where the sun does glow
And  flowers bloom never to whither! Where love does flow
Like  tinkling streams with silver waves,  never to stop,
Where stars be gemstones to pick for you and me!

The scent of  flowers steals the senses, the rainbow bright
Does ride the  sky accompanied by clouds so white!
And sure we’ll walk  pastures  so rich, stained in green, hand in hand,
Drunk with sights  so fine, we’ll climb the skies to reach the stars!

Sure I’ll build us a world of words, where the sun does glow.
Far from a dusty world, we’ll traipse  with the sun aglow.
Where the warm fingers of the dawn, the fog  dispel,
Escorted by  rows of flowers so thick!

If you  grant me a chance to build  a world of words,
I’ll take you  where leaves do dance and  the flower nods,
On to the rainbow bridge to stroll to gardens afar, where
Birds do feed and squirrels reach to hands held out!.

Just let down your hair, while I escort you through, a world of words,
Where scents so float, the moon does sail, for surely words
Do paint canvass for a sky so fair, with blues so mixed with tufts
So white of clouds, blown here and there by a lusty breeze!

Sure, will I walk you to a world  of words, where you and I skip with
Steps so light! For once we’d be like children so free, with
Smiles of joy, where laughter  tinkles like  streams that
Flow. And lusty trout do leap with joy so rich!

If you do allow me, I’ll take you to a world of words, where Sun
And Moon shine, and winter winds don’t bite, a warmth of one
Filled with  trust and love! With laughter loud, we traverse
A Garden so fresh, where roses  nod, and deer  tumble!

To celebrate a love so great we’ll visit my world of words, with
Nature so rich, to celebrate  togetherness, untrammelled with
Cares of a world that rushes off to win a race, as we, a team, will
Walk the race, to greet the world  with languor and grace! 

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