Sunday, 22 December 2013

Driving on New Railway Road, Gurgaon poses a serious threat to the safety of pedestrians and other road users

An increase in the number of motor vehicles on the roads of Gurgaon combined with poor  traffic management is posing serious threats to the safety of others road users, especially pedestrians. The large number of rashly driven Diesel Auto Rickshaws add to the chaos. The Traffic condition on  the New Railway road in old Gurgaon is a matter of concern. A lack of traffic lights, lack of speed breakers (On one lane) makes it risky and hazardous for pedestrians crossing over to the other side! To make matters worse is the problem of the parking of commercial vehicles on the side of the lane which has been clearly marked residential constricts the road even more! The New Railway Road is an important road that connects New Gurgaon and other sectors to the Railway Station. Imagine what would happen if this accident, the photograph of which I have pasted below had taken place during the day and not late at night? We were told that immediately after the accidents the two persons in the car scampered of never to be seen. I guess they would have to do a lot of answering to their parents. Yes, the car was a total loss, wonder what they were doing racing late at night, that too driving on the wrong lane? Parents, are you spoiling your children by giving them expensive cars to trash and allowing them to be away from home late at night? With New Year round the corner, drunken driving is bound to shoot up. One needs to be more careful while driving on the roads of Gurgaon at this time of the year, what with idiots and donkeys all around!
The impact was so great that the concrete Pole supporting the high tension electricity wires overhead was snapped at the base, and the boundary wall of a house was damaged. Imagine how fast this car was being driven to have sustained so much damage, and to have caused the concrete electricity pole to have snapped at the base. The car must have been doing more than a hundred and twenty kilometres per hour on a road where cars are meant to be driven at not more than forty kilometres an hour.
Gurgaon is bursting at the seams, and this is evident from the amount of traffic on the roads at any time of the day. Ironically enough, the hustle and bustle on the roads increases during holidays and weekends! The greatest problem is the lack of good road sense in people driving swanky and high end cars. It is funny how even those driving the humble hundred CC motorbikes like to zip and zoom as if they were being pursued by a hundred demons! With everyone driving like crazy, one wonders if the stress of driving on congested roads might not perhaps be affecting the ability of people to drive sensibly and with respect for other road users.


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