Monday, 2 December 2013

People-A Poem

They march across the canvass of life, each one a distinct figure!
And I, the painter do paint each stroke according what I see, each figure,
A distinct colour in the rainbow that floats in the air, each person bigger
Than life told on the Canvass , each one a stroke of a brush bigger
Than the rest, of emotions and feelings a story of life writ  large!

We see a woman sunk in thoughts and wonder if she is happy in life,
Another steps on the stage, smiling with thoughts of going to a happy home,
Where he, the husband does give her the freedom to choose what she wants in life!
And we both, silent observers do see a canvass of people greater than life.

While one is sad, the other is happy, for what does life tell us but that we
Are but threads that woven into the fabric of life  so that we
Might see the  patterns bright and dull that build up a society that be,
But a fabric of life that  makes us be what we be!

We see one lost in thoughts so deep that wonder if she had lost the love,
Of one she chose, and another smiles like she’s found her love.
The young man roots in the dumps of life, for if love be true,
Then what do we do but share feelings so deep and true!

For we can’t deny that people are individuals with distinct beliefs,
Each one a treasure trove of emotions so deep! To believe that feelings
Do feed on what we see with a superficial eye  is but to ignore tender feelings!
And so I look on at people so profound, each one with unique and tender feelings!

While we look at the tapestry that passes me by, we feel that each human is but,
A unique thread in the rich fabric of life, and if they do seem different, but
Then can we dismiss them as people we know  not just? But our thoughts then,
Do delve deep into each one’s  that feelings we would know of sweetness then!

To dismiss each person as people is like believing that our responsibilities
Fall short of the duties demanded of us,  for do our responsibilities
Tell us to love each human being as our own, though unique threads in the tapestries
Of life.So cannot we dismiss each one of them as strangers!

Lovers on the road, so lost in themselves, their smiles would include only both
Of them, living in a world of fantasy, a world so exclusive both
So divorced from the world of reality that I would only let them be, both,
To live in a world of fantasy that would  gain them happiness both!

While we look at the tapestry that unfolds before me and pray to to the Good Lord,
To paint a picture of those who are not just people but children of the Lord!
For what right have we to tell them that they are not my friends in the Lord,
If they belong to another colour or religion-for each is dear to the Lord!

Sure they drift  across the street late at night,  souls with destination so lost,
And we step in to guide them so, but then fail to do so and accept that we have lost
Them to the god of money and fame. But then we believe we have nothing so lost,
That we should scrounge and weep before your self to get back a soul we lost!

And so we see those that will laugh for times to come and those that weep
Of sadness so profound, but then you can’t dismiss the one that would weep,
Of sadness and pain that would lead to pain that does peep
From a world that with sadness is filled for if ever, will hope so peep?

And my friends do tell me that people cannot but be dismissed as those,
We know just not! For each one does carry feelings so profound, those
That would curry an emotion so deep, for who are we to blank those
Thoughts  built on feelings deep, we think that they are kindred souls, all those!

But then you tell me that they are but people whom I don’t know!
But then, each one is a treasure house of feelings and emotions, I know.
For what does it matter if I don’t know their names, are we not a stream that does flow,
In one direction, with one purpose, for human are we, I know!

For if each one be a neighbour, that  we unite as one whole unit,
Humans are we and to help on another is our goal, a bit,
That we can do to further the humanness of us! Like a family that does its bit,
We are but one fabric of life, and we each do help one another do our bit!

So we  see, you and me, while one walks with a light spring in his steps,
The other gazes thoughtfully into the sky, with steps
Which, unsteady fall on ground, while yet another stops
To look with wistful eyes at the shop window decorated with props.

One bent double with fear walks homeward, awaiting the monster
Waiting for her while another woman with bright bangles on her
Hands, newly married, glides homewards to a newly marrieds' life!
All this while, two friends walk by chatting of after school life.

One girl with a heavy school bag slung around her shoulder
Stumbles on, the anxious student preparing for her
Boards, numbers flash in her mind of equations and vectors that her
Teacher had taught, while across the street children do skip and jump without care!

If then humanity be my song, should we ask for names of those
That walk the streets passing me by, but then those,
Are but mine own and to dismiss them as “those
People” would be an affront to my being a human being! For those
Are but my friends, and each one is part of the fraternity called humanity!

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