Saturday, 21 December 2013

Yujan-2013, The Winter Carnival

This Photograph speaks volumes about the spirit of the moment!
The Winter Carnival of my school took place on the twenty-first of December. There was a festive atmosphere in the air, and what better moment it was for the school to end the year! A gala of events, performances by students who performed on the stage, Christmas Carols and the latest western numbers, as if this was not enough, there were a large number of food stalls that served exotic food. The students had worked very hard to set up game stalls. the school band performed with √©lan,  the vintage car attracted envious glances, and the light fog set hearts beating! What more could one ask for  at the end of the year? Without saying more, I have pasted below some of the photographs that I took on the occasion, for pictures speak more than words, and I am sure you will surely agree!
That was the stall that I was deputed to!
Of course, how could there not be my photograph? Although the student of Grade Eight could not compose the snap right cutting my left foot in the process!
The School Band Whipped up the hearts of all those present!
The Release of the Brochure by Mr. Vishnu Katrtik, the Senior Program Leader stands testament to the students of the Journalism Course!
This is a photograph of Shantanu, a Student of my Science section manning the EATHS Stall. This incidentally was a stall that dealt in environmental issues.
Shrey was there on the occasion and he looked after the fire safety requirements.
Shrey Chopra had insisted that I should have this photograph with the Fire Engine, so I obliged!
Last but not least was this wonderfully preserved Chevrolet car!

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