Sunday, 19 January 2014

Raahgiri Day-Gurgaon,A Photo Essay

Today, on a cold Sunday morning, we woke up early to be part of the Raahgiri Day in Gurgaon and sure, we were not disappointed. There was so much of excitement at the venue, and I was pleasantly surprised to see students of The Heritage School at the forefront! My school had organised a skit and an exhibition describing how they were part of the reason for making Raahgiri a reality today. Raahgiri is a movement that was the result of the students of the Heritage School along with other organisations pressing for  cycle-friendly lanes in Gurgaon, and the promotion of respect among road users in Gurgaon. This is however a movement that is about social activism at its best. Today when I visited the location, I was able to see people from all sections of the society coming together to celebrate a movement called Raahgiri Day-no mean feat, considering the fact that the whole road is  blocked for regular traffic every Sunday from morning till twelve in the afternoon. A note of appreciation is deserved by the Gurgaon traffic police for their cooperation and being very much part of the occasion. This movement is a tribute to the claim of Gurgaon for being indeed the millennium city of not only Haryana but in fact the rest of the country!
The expression on the faces of these children tells it all, they were enjoying the songs and the performances being provided by the performers on the stage!
A skit on social issues enacted by students of The Heritage School, Gurgaon added food for thought on the occasion!
Educationists of The Heritage School observing their students while they were acting out a play on Social Issues
An exhibition of write-ups, letters and  descriptions about how the students of The Heritage School, Gurgaon had worked hard to make Raahgiri Day what it is today.
Students of the Salwan Public School, Gurgaon performing on the stage
A befitting snap at the end of the Day:this boy came at the right moment for me and posed before the camera. For me, it was the best moment, irrespective of the mask that he had put on!
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