Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Using Close-ups, Zoom and Macro to get close and personal with Insects and Birds

The very Idea of using close-ups, Zoom and Macro is to be able to get really close and personal with the subject. In this case it is all about getting really close to objects from the world of Nature. Sometimes, you might have to maintain a proper distance from the insect lest you should be stung, and this applies to wasps and bees! I am sure the reader will appreciate why I had to maintain a respectable distance from the wasp. In this case, the wasp was perched on the windshield of my car, and in order to provide backlighting and to ensure that the dashboard didn’t intrude, my brother held a white sheet of paper to reflect the light back on to the wasp! The result of this exercise is given below:
A respectful distance had to be maintained especially because of the fear of the sting!
The same distance had to be observed while photographing this wasp. The Distance, well hardly six inches, yes you heard it right, six inches was the distance, and yes you could call this one a macro shot! The Red colour of the background might have highlighted the yellow colour!
Some of the most amazing hair styles can be found in birds, and somehow, I can’t help but find common links in hairstyles adopted by both men and birds. I sure you will be able to identify the glaring similarities after looking at the photographs pasted below:
It is not just the hair-style of this bird that attracted my attention, in fact the way the hair seemed to flow over the bird’s head, and the way it accentuates the eyes, think about eye-make up, and I am sure you’ll agree that we have copied it all from the birds! Believe or not, I liked the hairstyle!
And believe it or not, this particular bird seemed most interested in posing before the camera! Well, let me tell you, it was not a tame bird in any case, but then you know how it is in Gurgaon, everyone seems to be a camera freak, and everyone, especially birds like posing and modelling before an audience!
So what if the backdrop is, ahem-a car tyre, but then any road is a ramp, isn’t it? Well I guess you would have to have the guts of this bird to really face the crowd-that too in the sector fourteen Market in Gurgaon!
The Hoopoe, however has a more intimidating hairstyle and that crest is the envy of all those who are fashion conscious. The stripes on the rest of the body have been imitated by all kinds of fashion designers.
Even this little bird seemed curious about the twinkling eye of the camera, but then yes, it too had some thing to show us humans, a serrated tail of course!

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