Sunday, 12 January 2014

Raahgiri-Gurgaon; Social Activism at its best!


Finally, after having  heard so much from my students of the Heritage School, Gurgaon about the Raahgiri day that takes place from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. every Sunday in front of Galleria and Sushant Lok, I decided to take a look! Of course I took with me the whole family! The Raahgiri day, similar to the Ciclovia movement is about making the roads of Gurgaon Cycle friendly. The Raahgiri Day in Gurgaon is the result of the hard work and the efforts of the students of the Heritage School who did a feasibility report about the use of cycles in the Millennium city  and handed it to the JCP-traffic in the year 2011. This was done by students of Grade Six!

My Brother Sanjay and  Niece,Rhea
In the photograph are Raima, my niece and Adi, my nephew, Ishi another niece and Nidhi my Wife
In the snap with the Traffic Taos are Rhea and Ishi my nieces and Sapna my Sister in Law
Of Course I was there too!
On the whole there was the atmosphere of a carnival, there were no cars on the road, and people had come out with their bicycles, roller skates, foot balls and otherwise just for a stroll on a road that happens to be chocked with vehicular traffic most of the time! One of the things that caught my eyes was the more colourful and rather more cultured portrayal of the local traffic police who were dressed up as the “Traffic Taou” a rather fond rendering of the otherwise very strict cops into a more cultured and concerned uncle!
What I could also observe was social activism at its best which not only sought to impress upon those gathered  the need to observe traffic rules but also various other issues that affect the country as a whole! 

A selfie for the moment-A group of “ I am Pedalyatri” activists

A poster exhorting Sid to wake up and respect the Road before it is too late!
Last but not least, a standee explaining the making of Raahgiri - into a vehicle free day. It is an equivalent of of the ciclovia movement which promotes open streets. The Heritage school has been an active proponent of the Bike Friendly Gurgaon movement.

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