Sunday, 1 February 2015

Members of The Presbyterian Church of Korea, and The Local Church of Busan visit the Church of The Epiphany, Gurgaon on February the first, 2015

We, at The Church of The Epiphany, Gurgaon were honoured by a delegation of Presbyters, and ministers, and members of the Presbytarian Church of Korea, and the local Church of Busan. The Korean Mission has incidentally been generous providers to  the building of the New Church at Sohna, namely the Sadhu Sunder Singh Church and we are thankful to them. The delegation from Korea are guests of the Church of North India Synod.
Dr. Lee, speaking on behalf of the delegation talked about the increasing cooperation and partnership between the Korean Mission and the Church of North India. He spoke about the immense possibilities in learning from each other. One of the delegates talked about the strong spiritual  revival of the Korean church starting from 1960 and how it persists even today.
The Preacher from Korea went on to talk about the need for spiritual revival in all  churches, and referring to an incident in Korea, he talked about how church goers had no hesitation at one time in coming out into the open to confess their sins. He ended his sermon by blessing the Church of Epiphany and that it might be filled with the Holy Spirit like the Church in Korea.
Unfortunately the delegation was hard-pressed for time and so the visitors from Korea could not be with us till the end of the service; they had to visit other places!

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