Sunday, 26 February 2017

Fun with Close-up and Macro Photography

It goes without saying that Macro photography can be real fun, especially because you look at things from a completely different angle and perspective. You see things that are not commonly seen and realise how beautiful life can be in its tiniest form! I used a Canon 1100D DSLR camera and a 40 mm f-2.8 STM lens, just to see how well it was into macro photography. The major disadvantage I had with this lens was that I had to step really back in order to get the object into view. This is not a problem I face with my 18-55 mm kit lens.

A close-up photograph of a couple of flowers at the 2017 HUDA Flower show revealed the ubiquitous fly sitting on top of one of them. I decided to keep it rather than trash it.

The stamens and pistil of this flower have come out nicely. If you double click on the same, you will be able to enlarge the photograph further.

A close up of these flowers shows all the intricate details, remarkable, I guess because these were all hand-held snaps.

The Pistil and the stamens of this flower have come out very nicely, though the soft and muted tone has been caused by the diffused lighting caused by the white cloth tent covering. If you double-click on the snap, you will be able to expand it further.

The shallow depth of field makes this snap interesting and I have added it because of the effect it has created with a blurred background and a sharp focal point upwards.

Talking of a shallow depth of field, this is yet another example of I deliberately tried to create a shallow depth of field by taking the smallest f-stop number, and an increased shutter speed to compensate for over-exposure.

A clash of colours, rather like a painting, a surfeit of yellows and pinks, suitably brings out the colours of the Autumn season. It seems to be poetry written in images. They say, a picture can say a thousand words, I would say that a picture can convey the message of a thousand books!

A rose in all its glory beginning, however, to whither away. There is something compelling about the stand this flower is making.

A botanist would probably call this love in C-Minor, the Pistil and Stamens have come out beautifully. The lighting was tricky in this case as the white cloth covering the tent frame seemed to be diffusing the light in all directions. Backlighting would have solved the problem, but then I guess I got what I wanted!

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