Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Dhanpatmal Virmani Education Trust & Mangement Society Celebrates the Twelfth Anniversary of Its Women's Literacy & Empowerment Programme

It was indeed an honour to be present at the twelfth anniversary celebration of the Women's Literacy Programme. It all began twelve years ago when Mr. Anil Virmani, who was then the Manager of the Dhanpatmal Virmani Sr. Sec. School, Roop Nager told me about a computer module that could be run to teach an adult functional literacy in Hindi in 45 hours. I was cynical about the same and decided to run a pilot programme during the summer break of the year 2014. We could not achieve a lot of progress at that time because firstly, we had to get the women to the school. The second drawback was that we were not able to decide whether we were to run a programme on computer basics or run a module for the teaching of Hindi. Today, when I visited the school, it was to see how well this programme that almost never took off is doing today. About one Lakh and fifteen women have been attended the functional literacy programme, and quite a few have even learned a vocational skill like stitching. It felt really great to have been part of this rather successful project, and I am thankful to the Dhanpatmal Virmani Education Trust and Management Society for remembering me and inviting me to attend the programme like they have done every year.

In this snap you can see, Mr.Anil Virmani, Chairman of the Dhanpatmal Virmani education Trust lighting the lamp

The event was attended by a lot of women who have undergone training in the Adult Literacy centres from all over Delhi. It was an honour also, to have Mr. Naveen Chawla, retired Civil Servant, and  Ex-Election Commissioner with us. He is a philanthropist who running an NGO for Leprosy patients which also provides assistance to people with special needs. Also with us were representatives of Tata Power DDL, Mr. Praveen Sinha, C.E.O. Tata Power DDL. Tata Power has been associated with the Adult Literacy programme for the past five years. It was also after many years that I was able to meet Mr. Amitav Virmani, who was once the Manager of the Dhanpatmal Virmani Sr.Sec. School.
Aakashi is a special child, she performed, an amazing dance, that too with one leg.

These Kids did a wonderful performance. Their energy level was simply amazing!

Mr. Amitav Virmani is working for the furtherment of Education.
Mr.Praveen Sinha, CEO, Tata Power has been a great support to the programme.
In the snap are, from the left, Mr. Praveen Sinha, CEO, Tata Power, Mr.Naveen Chawla, Ex.Civil Servant, and Mr. Anil Virman, Chairman of the Dhanpatmal Education Trust and Management Society.
Members of the Adult Literacy Programme and recipients of awards.

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