Monday, 6 February 2017

The Church of Epiphany celebrates the Concluding Thanksgiving Service for 150 Years of Service and Witness

The Most Revd. P.K.Samantaroy, Moderator, Church of North India cutting the ribbon.

Mr Alwan Masih, General Secretary of the CNI Synod

The concluding thanksgiving service for 150 years of Service and Witness of the Church of the Epiphany took place on the 5th of February, 2017. The Re-dedication and Commitment service was attended by important dignitaries, office bearers and functionaries of the Church of North India, Diocese of Delhi.The chief guest on the occasion was The Most Revd. P.K.Samantaroy, Moderator, Church of North India. Guest of honour included The Rt. Revd. Warris K. Masih, Bishop of The Diocese of Delhi (CNI), Mr Alwan Masih, General Secretary (CNI Synod), Mr Prem Masih, Treasurer (CNI Synod).

Procession towards the old Church Building

Procession towards the Old Church Building

Carrying the archival registers, in front you Mrs Deena Joyce, and behind her is Mrs Poornima Lal

Leading the Women's fellowship team, Shikha Eileen and Mrs Maya Lal

In his sermon, the Moderator, Most Revd. P.K. Samantaroy spoke about how even while traveling on a long journey we are really not in control of the journey because the ultimate ownership belongs to God. He went on to state how a jubilee is a celebration of looking forward to being free.

Members of the Youth Fellowship

On the left, you have Mrs. Sabrina Benjamin and on the right, you have Mrs. Marion Sircar

On the left you have The Rt.Revd.Warris K. Masih, Bishop of the Diocese of Delhi CNI and on the right you have Revd.Sunil Ghazan, Presbyter in Charge of the Church of the Epiphany Gurgaon

In his message to the congregation of the Church of the Epiphany, the Moderator talked about how jubilation and atonement need to go hand in hand. He went on to speak about a need for churches to be 'forgiving churches' and that excommunication is not the only solution for a lot of problems happening across churches. 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin

He went on to state that there is a need for Churches to be 'Hospital Communities,' sanctuaries that welcome everyone in the manner that important people are invited and welcomed during festivals and functions. There is a need for Churches to be for those who are yet to come - a place where the guests become the hosts and hosts become guests.

Mr. Pramod Sagar and his Daughter

The Moderator, The Most Reverend P.K.Samantaroy exhorted the congregation to make coming to Church a liberating experience, an opportunity to rest and restore ourselves from the stress and troubles of everyday life.

The guest of honour analyzed the symbolism behind the procession to the Old Church, the ceremony conducted there and then the procession to the new Church building for the rest of the Mass. He stated that the whole procession was symbolic of a journey, a transition from old to new.

The Moderator exhorted all those present to allow the church to be a 'people driven church,' a fountainhead of hope.
Mr. D.D.Lal, one of the oldest members of the Congregation

Of course, that's me!

Foremost in the photograph, is Mr. Sanjay Irwin Lal, the author of the Down Memory Lane Video

Aastha, a member of the Youth Fellowship

Mr. Peter John, our organist

The event that took place on the 5th of February brought to an end a year-long celebration of a hundred and fifty years of service, worship, and fellowship of the church in Gurgaon. It goes without saying that The Church of The Epiphany is one of the most important and oldest churches in Gurgaon. It happens to be an important part of the history of the town that was once no more than a small hamlet, the base of a British army contingent.

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