Sunday, 15 October 2017

Animals of the Sultanpur National Park, Gurgaon

Although the Sultanpur National Park is a notified park, a sanctuary that is meant to protect migratory birds, one can find all sorts of animals, domesticated or wild. I don't know what I have done with my photographs of dogs chasing Asian Antelope across the lake, but then that is the truth! The Sultanpur National park is also home to domesticated cattle and dogs vying for space with the migratory birds that arrive every year to a lake that is dwindling in size!

While the Asian Antelope might be condoned for their presence in the National Park, (being wild themselves) the presence of oxen and cows, especially during the nesting season of migratory birds might be a bit of a danger for visitors. In many cases, I have had to walk past many an Ox with my heart beating in my chest wondering lest the bull should lunge at me. It is my request to the park authorities not to allow oxen into the park!

However, one is equally likely to come into confrontation with a full grown male Asian Antelope while walking on the tracks and paths inside the Sultanpur National Park. This happened the day my brother and I were walking back towards the interpretation centre after spotting a couple of Saras Cranes.This huge specimen of the Asian Antelope stood at the end of the path and stared at us for a couple of minutes. We stopped where we were and waited to see what the fellow would do. Fortunately, he left after some time!

Some of the Asian Antelopes, the does and their fawn might be as curious of the people with their cameras as people might be about these beautiful creatures. The Asian Antelopes should continue to be protected.

Yes, those are definitely clothes hanging on the branches of the tree. This snap was taken on the first of October when the part had just opened. There were apparently hired workers who were gathering stalks of grass to make nesting islands in the park.

Of course, squirrels too range the trees and some of them like this one might even confront you. Most of these animals form part of the fragile ecosystem of the Sultanpur National Park, others, like domesticated ones should be re-located.

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