Sunday, 7 March 2010

Celebration of Bible Sunday in Epiphany Church, Gurgaon

Bible Sunday was celebrated on 7th.March,2010 in the Epiphany Church, Gurgaon. We had as guests, some important members of the Bible Society of India, Mr.Richard Khan, and Mr.J.S.Rathore. They were accompanied by their wives. Mr.Richard Khan talked about the Mission and Ministry of the Bible Society of India, while Mr.J.S.Rathore delivered the sermon on the topic: “God’s Word is Still Alive!” On this day we were reminded about the amazing story of the Bible. I have given below some of the photographs taken by me on the occasion.

Bible Sunday 005 Bible Sunday 012

Bible Sunday 013

Bible Sunday 017

Bible Sunday 019

Bible Sunday 024 Bible Sunday 025

Bible Sunday 028

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