Saturday, 20 March 2010

Gurgaon Dreams

I dream of a Gurgaon,

A Gurgaon where the water is

Unmixed with sewage, and

Sweet to drink.A Gurgaon,

Where, on New Railway Road

You can play Cricket and ,

Ride your bicycle, just for Fun!

I dream of a Gurgaon,

A Gurgaon full of trees n lakes,

And clear streams with fish

Sailing through. A Gurgaon,

Sleepy, peaceful, and easy-going,

A sleepy Hamlet said to have

Been the abode of Guru Dronacharya!

But, I wake to a Nightmare that is Gurgaon!

A Gurgaon, a nightmare!

Just when I turned on the T.V., to watch

The Grammy awards, the power went off!

Power-cuts are the gift of Progress, they say?

The super-highway brings you to Gurgaon in a jiffy,

But entering the town is impossible!

I felt thirsty and took a sip of water,

Only to spit it out, it tasted of sewage!

Is this Gurgaon, Millennium-City?

I.T. Hub, Cyber city, city of B.P.Os?

Is it a city where it takes ages to refurbish

New Railway Road, Old Railway Road?

Is it a city of of reckless three-wheelers,

Spewing poisonous gases, ferrying

Passengers to Kingdom Come? 

Is this a city where sewage is mixed in your

Drinking water, a City where power-cuts

Are a gift, trees are cut to make

Way for high-rises,

Roads, and what not?

Do you call this Progress?

No, I’d rather go back to my dream,

Of a Gurgaon, with trees,

And lakes and rivers and greenery,

and the song of birds,

And the clack-clack of

The tonga!

Give me back the Gurgaon of

My dreams, a Gurgaon sweet and fair,

The Abode of Guru Dronacharya!

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