Saturday, 13 March 2010

Why don’t we use Blinkers while driving on the roads of India ?

There  is something about motorists not using blinkers in the National Capital region  of Delhi. While driving on any road in and around Delhi, you suddenly notice the car in front of you swerving to the left, or the right, without giving any sort of indication! I think the driver of the swerving vehicle believes that by not using blinkers he is perhaps saving battery power? Another peculiarity about drivers in the NCR of Delhi is  a total disregard for lane driving!  The vehicle at the extreme right can come careening all the way to the left at the last moment, cutting across all the other vehicles just because he has suddenly decided to take the left turn! Then you have those ubiquitous three wheelers! You can find the three wheelers racing with Hondas, Toyotas, and any other vehicle. They stick to the middle lane no matter what, and drive as if they are trying to flee from the demons of their previous birth! If you are hit by a vehicle from behind, then it was your fault, you shouldn’t have been on the road at that moment! Couldn’t you see, the driver of the vehicle behind yours was in a great hurry because he was in a great hurry, emergency, you know, call of Nature! By all rights, when you drive in Delhi, you are driving in a Grand Prix, re-living glorious moments of your win in that game, “Need for Speed”. You have so many Schumachers in Delhi, I wonder why we don’t have a Grand Prix circuit in Delhi! As for me, I try to mind my business and not get into the way of the Grand Prix drivers of Delhi. I maintain a respectable distance behind the Aces of Delhi, and let them overtake me even if we meet again at the red light ( what with him glaring at me for the affront of catching up with him, and me smiling at him apologetically!).

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