Sunday, 21 March 2010

Delhi Folk told to Mind Manners before Common Wealth Games

So the Delhi Folk have been told to mind their manners and welcome the guests who will be coming for the Common Wealth Games in October. Well rudeness seems to be a style statement for the people of Delhi! It is fashionable to mix a few  ‘gaalees’ and the choicest invectives because for Delhites, these match very well with the imitation Guccis and the third hand claptraps one drives with a swagger suggesting that one is a landed gentleman with a few crores to throw around!

Unfortunately in Delhi, the polite ones are ridiculed, taken for a ride and presented as the culprits! The ones with the loudest  voices  and the choicest repertoire of invectives would win a duel of arguments straight off! I wonder how Madam Chief Minister intends to rein in the handsome specimens of Delhi along with their talent in being rude!

Perhaps the road is where one witnesses the typical fiery manners of a Delhite! You will find the typical Delhite forcing himself into your lane, and when you protest, you are treated to a stream of invectives. There may be no space ahead of you and yet the biker or the driver of the cab keeps honking, suggesting that perhaps you have no right of being on the road! In frustration you try flapping your hands in the air thinking that perhaps for once you could fly away from that terrible horn!

The Blue Line bus, and the Metro are other areas where you are exposed to the typical manners of the Delhite! Here,  the adage, ‘might is right’ works very well! While boarding the bus or the Metro, you can just scramble aboard, crushing all those specimens of weakness, because you are strong! Protests by hapless victims crushed underneath your feet are dealt  the choicest invectives saved specially for such occasions! Rudeness among the young people is often blamed on the Garam Khoon or hot blood of youngsters!

Somehow or the other, parents and the schools are to blame for rude youth of Delhi. Bollywood films often lionise characters who are rude and can serve a choicest collection of invectives! Suffice it to say that we are born rude, and rude manners are our style and fashion statement, so, God save the worthy Guest from abroad, from my rude, ill-mannered brother in Delhi!

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