Saturday, 5 February 2011

Lone Rider-A poem

I crank the engine and wait for the steady throb.
Then I put her into gear and pull out on the
Tarmac, the hiss of wheels and the thrum of
The motor transport me to another world.

Out on the free way, I put her in top and,
Steadily follow the snaking tarmac, my bike,the
Road,  the wind, and I, the only ones in the
World! The tarmac beckons to a world beyond!

Oh, is it ecstasy to ride on two wheels with the world,
All to yourself! The symbol of Freedom, and
Enterprise, the vehicle of Discovery, and the favourite
Steed of Che Guevera on his journey of discovery.

I have a car, but any time give me a bike, and oh,
would I settle for a bike! To be one with the
Environment, to see, hear, smell the light caress of the
  Wind on my face, like a lover's  lips on my cheeks!

The scent of the exhaust, the throb of the motor,
The rush of thrill, the glide, and the sense of freedom
Are what draw me into being a lone rider. For to be one
With nature, and  display a streak of wildness become me!

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