Monday, 28 February 2011

How does it feel to be paralyzed in a road accident? Drive sensibly to save lives!

The once brilliant mind lies trapped within a Husk.
He  was  once a  brilliant Scientist  with  the  task
Of  explaining  the  origin of  the  Universe ! Now
He  can  only  move  his  head  or roll  his  eyes.
His  body  lies  paralyzed  on the  bed! He longs
To  spread  his wings and bid adieu to his prison
But alas, he has yet to bide his time, for release!

The  emotions of frustration and  boredom
overwhelm  him, for he has nothing  to do,
But to  muse and think  away the day and,
Discover why his fate was to be enslaved.
His is  a  body  stiff as a board, unmoving!

His   beloved   visits him  and  she smiles at him,
But , her   eyes   strangely  distant.  Does   she,
Know   what  he   is  thinking, or has  she  found
Another  worthier  than  him? The nurse  comes
Along  with  that  young  doctor-“intern” they tell
Me. Then  shamelessly  they kiss in front of me!
They start to make out, with her protesting, “not
Here, not  in front   of him!” Replies  the Doctor,
“He  is  vegetable!” And they ignore the man on
The  bed, for  he is  a paralyzed man, not living!

My body  might  be  dead, but  my mind is
Ever  sharp,  alert,  awake and  full of life!
I  can  think, I  can  feel, I  can  hear  and
Look    into   the   future!  I  can  see  that
Those  who   come to  visit try to hide their
Pity  and  revulsion  for a vegetative body!
But,  alas,  if  only  I  could  tell  him   that,
She   was  cheating  him  behind his back!

I  can  see  that  he is facing financial ruin!
His  decision  to  expand  his  business was
A  folly.  I  can   see  that  her daughter   is
Into  drugs!   But   alas, how  do I  tell them
These things? I  see through  intrigues and
Meaningful glances  that say, “when will he
Go?”  their  eyes  seem  to say! Alas have I
No control over even that,‘cept my thoughts!

And  so, the   body   on  the bed  lies still!
The  monitors that had recorded a spike in
The electrical pulses during the day return
To  normal. It  is another long day that lies
Ahead,  and  another  day on life support!
Poor  scientist!  He had met with  the fatal
Road   accident   that  left  him  paralyzed.
A brilliant  mind  imprisoned  in  a husk for
A body!  And   what  of  the   errant driver
Who knocked him down? Well he’s out on
Bail and  Marriage is on the cards for him!

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