Friday, 18 February 2011

Are we tired of despots, tyrants and dictators?


The recent turmoil in Egypt and the growing unrest in North Africa including Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, and Tunisia are all indications that the common Man is becoming tired of despots, tyrants, and dictators! The twenty-first century has become an era where the common man’s voice is heard, and respected! The advent of the Information Technology Age has empowered the common man to make his voice heard.The Internet is the mouth-piece of the common man. Incidentally, the Egyptian leaders attempted to switch off the Internet, so that the outside world could be kept in the dark about the events in Egypt! The firewalls however couldn’t shut down internet traffic on cell phones, it was only cables that were shut down!

The discontent of the citizens of the countries close to Egypt Geographically was manifested in Bahrain, on the 17th. of February where the protestors were dealt with a harsh hand. The days of the Desert Lion, also seem to be numbered, and the people of Libya seem to be preparing for, “A day of rage”. People in India often wonder how events in Egypt,Tunisia and Libya could affect them. Globalisation has meant that today we are living in a Global Village, and what happens in a far away country has a ripple effect.Thus, if there is instability in West Asia, or North Africa then oil prices are bound to shoot up, and of course, the Sensex goes into a nose dive, the market becomes rather nervous and jittery!

In an already delicate global environment, it has become important to introduce reforms at a fast pace. Centralisation of powers should be done away with. The need of the day is to introduce de-centralisation, a system of appointing leaders, presidents, and prime ministers where the common man has a choice or a say! It is pertinent of the Honourable Prime Minister to say that that Egypt cannot be replicated in India, because India is a Democracy where Indians can change the Government if they choose! However being a democracy doesn’t mean that we should be complacent. Change is inevitable, it is a fact, a reality, and it is there to stay. We have to steer away from a dictatorial style of Leadership, and instead adopt a more democratic style of Governance.

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