Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Green Fields of Haryana


I zip along the highway,

And see the green fields pass by.

The green fields of wheat and yellow of

Mustard greet my eyes. I wonder if,

The greenness of the fields could,

Refresh a tired mind!


The yellow of mustard remind me of

The bright colour of Autumn. The fresh air of

The fields assault my senses,

The bounty of mother nature teaches

That one should appreciate nature,

For she is bountiful and mature.


To be one with nature is my dream,

Haryana, you are the land of my dream!

The farmer on the tractor chugs through,

He is lost in green thoughts through and through!

I am lost in green thoughts of what my future will be.

Will I pass into a place where life fruitful  may be!

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