Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Bag Art

One day while going through the images stored in my mobile of my previous school I came across a series of photographs that I had taken of the bags of some of the students. What had caught my attention was what the things that the students had written. It seemed as if the bags of the students had become a canvass on which they could express their thoughts. The bags had become a medium or means for expressing their thoughts, ideas, or perhaps a means of standing out in the crowd! This school where I used to work is in Delhi, and it is close to the Delhi University North Campus. Although the students did not come from a very rich back ground, they were nevertheless exposed to the University Culture, and were very much up to date with the latest fashions. Since the school is close to Bungalow road, you can understand why I say that the students are aware of the latest trends. What they have written on their bags is thus an expression of their desire for recognition, assertiveness, and the desire to be “Hep” modern, and fashionable.Also, you will notice that the medium of expression is English, so clearly they wanted to show that they were modern by writing their graffiti in English. This spurt in the writing of Graffiti could also be a means of attracting the attention of the girls who have begun to study in the school, since co-education was introduced recently and there are fewer girls in the school. Look for  yourself and guess what was in their minds when they were writing on their bags!







Fortunately, one of the boys had the awareness to spread the message against smoking. Another thing the students are very obsessed with is “Attitude”! By attitude they mean charisma, machismo, and of course that they are aware about the “Cool Dude” Syndrome. Well best of luck to them!

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