Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Natural Beauty of Jagadhri

Jagadhri is a beautiful town in Haryana with abundant greenery and lush green fields with crops. The rivers on the outskirts are bounded with trees, and one can find a large number of different species of birds. People enjoy fishing in the rivers near Dadupur. I tried taking a few photographs at extreme zoom levels. Unfortunately, I had left behind my tripod in Gurgaon, so there was considerable camera shake which didn’t give me very clear photographs. The river off Dadupur is an ideal spot for camping, picnicking and of course fishing. One can enjoy natural beauty at Dadupur. The Poplar trees line the roads and offer a rich feast to the eyes. Poplar plantations provide precious raw material for the burgeoning ply-wood industry which is the back bone of the economy of Jagadhri and Yamunanagar. The steel industry too provides a livelihood to a large number of workers in the area. I have tried to capture the natural beauty of the outskirts of Jagadhri in my photographs.


The river stretching into the horizon leads you to a sense of eternity!           




Sheer mass of water belies the calmness of the river. Hidden below the surface are strong currents that can sweep away anything in their paths!




The trees whose branches meet overhead create a sense of a tunnel or a natural canopy.




This is a cormorant which which was taking a long rest on a tree trunk jutting above the surface of the water.






The Bridge below is said to be jinxed as it constantly collapses. Call it superstition or, is it just a matter of subsiding soil sub-strata?



Fishing is a favourite pass time for the locals. This man told us that he had hooked a Mahasher fish. We kept waiting for him to land “the big one” but then after waiting for some time it appeared as if he was fooling us, and that his hook and sinker had probably gotten snagged under some rock or log!



This smart bird was skipping around like a self important person…look busy do nothing!



I saw this man gazing into the water.Perhaps he was trying to extract the meaning of life from the river!



The tight cropping and slight vignetting (Corrected by me digitally) is the result of extreme zoom levels. Whatever, I got what I wanted!



I couldn’t identify the species of the bird on the tree. It was very far away. Perhaps it is some kind of a crane or stork? I think the flying crow makes the scene interesting.


These birds were again very far away. The lighting was not too good because the sunlight was in front of the camera. However, I thought the flock of birds made for an interesting subject to photograph albeit at extreme zoom!


Talk of inter species cooperation! You have it all in this photograph!




That is my father enjoying the scenery.The somewhat blurred reflection in the water makes the subject interesting!



Birds, here we come! Look out for us!


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