Friday, 15 April 2011

Off to School



The little children troop to school,

Their first day at school.

While one weeps, clutching

His mother’s hand, the

Other is eager to find new friends.


In the class room, one boy sits

Bewildered, asking where is

Daddy? For he has never

Been away from daddy,

And watches others dispassionately.


The pangs of separation are hard

To bear, for weaning comes later

In men than birds! The child

Breaks his heart for one of the

Many separations in life!


For  school is one of

The stages of life we  go through.

The pangs of separation inure us,

To be strong in school and life!

“Daddy, when will you come?” sighs the Child!


I watch the child with an echo in my heart.

For was I like him, when daddy dropped

Me at school, and I became sad,

and wished,  daddy would come for me.

But that was another time!

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