Sunday, 10 April 2011

The River of Life-A Poem


I stand before the river of life, flowing towards eternity!
The river journeys through  birth on to old age, a journey
Of life. If life be like a river, then how many hills and valleys
Does it cross? Life, like a river starts full of energy and action.
By old age man slows down like the mighty river, pensive and
Thoughtful, contemplating what more life holds for him!
The waters hold the secrets of life, thus he sits, trying to
Unlock the silent mysteries of the waters now sedate and
Calm! For to read the waters needs  the ripeness of life!
Each wave, a story to tell, river, river, tell me what have
You for me? To flow with you to join the brimming sea, and
Join the mighty sea of eternity would be my destiny.
The sea within, the sky beyond, where the future
Beckons to all of us, the waters calm as eternity.
If there be eternity, look into the still waters of life,
As they flow towards the horizon beckoning to the tired
To rest in the lap of eternity or to rest the eyes in the
Still waters of the mighty river of eternity!
So leads the river like the path through the
Sylvan woods, to a garden of joy, rest and peace.
The wanderer to rest his aching feet after a life-long
Journey. For life is like river that passes through
Mountains and valleys, to join the ocean  and
On, finally to the Garden of Life!

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