Monday, 20 June 2011



The luxurious tresses fall over a graceful shoulder,

Her eyes liquid pools, a Doe ,she smiles, face full of

Kindness and love and innocence. If I fancied her,

Who could blame, for she was the best friend of

All! That innocent yet kind smile have I never seen!


The lack of guile, and readiness to smile, away the

Woes of life was her forte. We used to play games

Of childhood, and when she went away, sadness

Enveloped us. But who can stop the flow of time ?

Oh, I had to go away to another place to study!


Now, all that remains are fragments of memory,

A perfect smile to remove the pall of sadness,

The tinkle of laughter, the scent of incense dispel

The shards of indifferent times! An image of beauty,

Sheeba incarnate, a Queen of the land of Axum!


It was a friendship of childhood innocence, games of

Fights and reconciliation! We fought in morning by

Evening became friends, to share stories about fairies

And demons. The pain of separation all forgotten in

Games of childhood. A woman who’d be my Guenet!


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