Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tigiste-A Poem about a Beautiful Ethiopian Girl

The land of Tigiste, my first love, where have you gone?
The land of beautiful people, will we meet again?
I saw a girl with sharp features and milk white teeth at a Mall,
And asked her if she was Tigiste, and she said yes!

So I remembered where I was born, and Martha,and
Yeromnesh, and Dawit. Lost in sadness was I of a land
Lost to me, but for my precious memories of a past, rendered
Sweet in retrospect! To see you once more is my wish!

Tigiste, the damsel of my dreams, you visit me but
Fleetingly. And I saw you, and was taken to my past!
That guileless smile of yours, reminded me of a childhood,
Of fairy-tale people,  lush green forests,and Injera!

When I saw you, Tigiste I remembered
A coffee-dream world of endless game and adventure,
A world of Fairy tale possibilities,  fishing for Nile Perch
And gazing at  crystal clear streams of Arba-Minch

That was a childhood spent in the lap of Nature,
Where lessons were taught by beautiful people
About Honesty, Love, Truth, Friendship, greatest
of all respect for Nature!  Tigiste reminds me of them!


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