Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Island at War


The island goes to war with a powerful foe,

The enemy ships ring the island,  lights

Dancing  in the distance. They don’t dare come

Forward, but wait and watch. The sea becomes

Rough and threatening, the wind whips flecks of

Foam, the defenders watch  patiently their foe!


Dusk turns to night, the lightning strikes the sea,

The ships at anchor watch the tiny nation so

Brave but doomed! For who can withstand sheer

Numbers? But the tiny nation hopes against hope,

For a Saviour to grant them reprieve. For Nature

Seems to favour,for who dares land in a storm!


The wind quickens, it blows  a wagon off the quay!

Into the drink it goes crashing, waking the sleepy,

nodding with sleep, ever watchful, but oh so tired!

The night stretches till dawn, old Sol beams on

A now calm Sea, ripples barely visible! The watch

Rubs his eyes, where oh where have the ships gone?


The Enemy have fled, chased by whom none know!

The tiny Nation doesn’t rejoice for who knows what

Tomorrow will bring! Men go about their work,

Knowing well the enemy will return, till then they must

Eat and gain strength for battle another day! Pray and

Worship they do for a Saviour to save them another day!


Have Faith in the Saviour who will save you against all odds!

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