Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Photographs are for posterity,especially those that can be stored and shared!

While browsing through some of my older C.Ds., I came across some old snaps that dated back to 2004, 2003. This was a time when the school I was working in gave me a Kodak digital camera which had a maximum resolution of two megapixels! I guess the decision was a wise one as is proved from the fact that photographs in the digital format, stored on  a C.D. have a better archival value, and they last longer than photographs on photo-paper! Or, perhaps it is that the compact disc is more resilient than the paper on which a photograph is printed. Whatever might be the case, I very strongly feel that photographs have an archival value, they represent a slice of time, photographs capture a moment of time for posterity. I guess people I know will agree when they go through the photographs pasted by me below:

Picture 003

                               Picture 004

                                Picture 001

                                                    Picture 005
The snaps given above were taken on the 20th. of November 2004 on the occasion of the Annual Day Function of the Dhanpatmal Virmani Sr.Sec.School, Roop Nagar. Mr.Vineet Virmani was the then Chairman of the school.


                               Presentation to The Governor     
The snaps given above were taken on the 26th, of February, 2004.I can be seen delivering a presentation of the Hindi E-Literacy programme being conducted by the Dhanpatmal Virmani Management and Education Trust to t Mr.Sudarshan Aggarwal, the then Governor of Uttaranchal, and Mr.Anil Virmani, the present Chairman of the Dhanpatmal Virmani Sen.Sec.School.


In the first photograph, the gentleman sitting in the middle is Mr.B.B. Nagpal, he was once the Bureau In Charge of UNI, and also one of my teachers of Journalism. In the second photograph you can see Mr.M.K.Vajpayee, an administrative officer of the school. The above photographs were taken on the first anniversary celebrations of the Hindi E-Literacy Programme run by the Dhanpatmal Virmani Education Trust and Management Society.


The two photographs pasted above are especially important for me because, I had just got the digital camera when I got the opportunity of photographing the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi, Mrs.Shiela Dixit. In these photographs, you can see her addressing students of Government Schools during a cleanliness drive launched by the Government of Delhi. Photographs were taken on the 27th. of September, 2003.


Mr. Pulak Gupta in the blue shirt is a well known expert and personality known in the field of  Philately. Here you see him in at a Philately workshop which took place in the Dhanpatmal Virmani Sr.Sec.School, Roop Nagar on the 30th. of July, 2004. Philately happens to be a hobby for me, but unfortunately, these days I hardly have any time for it. This perhaps explains why people are steadily ignoring Philately as a hobby!

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