Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Get Together at the Junior Branch of the St.Thomas School, Jagadhri, Haryana

A surprise get together was organised by the staff of the junior branch of the school where I work on Thursday, the 22nd. of September. As a surprise welcome gift I was given a huge quilt which they mischievously claimed would help cover the whole family (The winters in Jagadhri are known to be rather severe!). The little tea-party was organised by Mrs. T.Kumar, and Mrs. Patras. I had requested Mr.Benajamin Maccune and Mr.Ivan to accompany me to take the photographs. It was a pleasant moment to feel once again a part of the family of the Institution! I have pasted below some photographs of the occasion as a thanks to all those who had organised the get to gather! Yes, and I would like to thank the teachers of the Junior Branch, led by the co-ordinator, Mrs. T.Kumar, Mrs Patras, and all for that wonderful welcome they gave to me, for making me feel part of the school, although for only one year! This spirit of welcome was apparently missing in the teachers of the Senior branch, who were probably shy or had other things on their minds, God bless them!



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  1. God bless all the teachers, work hard, and with humbleness and with the fear of the Lord! You are Nation Builders, and so don't let petty mindedness sway you from your duties!