Friday, 16 September 2011

Stamps of the Second World War-The Axis Country, Germany

While going through one of my stamp album I came across stamps from two Axis countries of the Second World War, namely Japan and Germany. While I found it absolutely impossible to decipher what was written on the Japanese stamps, I found that I could decipher what was written on the German stamps.

The Legend, Third Reich is the name given to Germany by Adolf Hitler. Germany was then also called the Father Land! The Characteristic Swastika, albeit opposite from the Swastika of India, was the symbol of the so called Aryan Super Race, the Pure Race and it was the dreaded symbol of the worst kind of Genocide in History.

 image imageimage

The stamps dated 1945 mark the end of the Third Reich. There is a rumour that the allies printed some German stamps and then flooded them in the German Market. Perhaps one will never know the reality since it happened so many years ago!



What I noticed about this stamp was that right in the centre, the stamp was embossed, probably, they ran out of Ink?


This I believe is not a postage stamp! It is a Revenue stamp.



           image                  image                 

The above three stamps are postage stamps.The eagle is a well known  symbol that once graced the Nazi infrastructure. The Phoenix-Eagle was an important for Germany after the first world war, it was a symbol of recovery, resurgence, and growth especially after the humiliating defeat in the first world war.


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