Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Items of Importance for the Philatelist



Through my brief association with some important Philatelists of the country, I was surprised to know that items of importance for all Philatelists are not just limited to stamps, but the list includes inland forms, envelops with stamps printed by franking machines,  Postal stationary, Postal Greeting Cards, Postal Envelops With printed Stamps ( not just stick on postage stamps ), and even Postal acknowledgement stamps! The Department of Posts and Telegraph under the Government of  India comes out with some amazing stationary items which I am going to show you. All this information surprised me, and so I went on to add on this Postal Stationary to my collection. I have put up some photographs of some of the Postal Stationary that forms part of my collection below:


In the above photograph you have a set of one envelop with a card inside. The stamp on the envelop is a miniature version of the greeting card!



In the above picture, there is an envelop and a greeting card on the theme as simple as that of a Birthday Greeting!


The above picture rekindles memories of Christmas! Here also there is an envelop with a stamp printed on it. The stamp is a miniaturised version of the Greeting Card!

Unfortunately, Philately is a dying hobby, and fewer and fewer people have any interest in stamps or Postal Stationary. It seems that the romance of collecting stamps no longer affects the younger generation! For me however, the thrill of looking at a new stamp, the excitement of looking at a stamp in my collection has never died. It is as if I am looking at an old friend, a companion that has been with me.

The popularity of the E-Mail, Instant Messaging Services, and the Courier Services have all spelled the doom of the hobby of collecting stamps. The Department of Posts and Telegraph, Govt. of India keeps organising stamp exhibitions, and competitions throughout the year for students all over the country. Students are encouraged to open a postal account whereby they are sent postal material of their choice, whether stamps, first day covers, or cancellations. Such activities attempt to introduce the romance of collecting stamps in the hearts of young people!




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