Monday, 19 September 2011

On being told not to write a poem!



If you don’t like my writings, then say so

Because, they constitute the truth but so,

They hurt your feelings if they are blunt to

Say things straight from my heart ! If so

Then we don’t see eye to eye so

Shall I write in poetry not in verse for so

It might please you to have stopped me so!


It takes time to pen or key a few words of

Appreciation, which might not be of

Your liking, for I don’t believe in sycophancy

To speak true and from my heart would fancy

Me so! To kill talent might be you fancy,

But then talent might not be killed through fancy!


To appreciate the skies blue requires the eye

Of a poet, but you have the eye

Of a rock. To see emotion aye

Troubles you, but aye,

My desire is to pen my feelings, aye

You might not read poetry, but  aye,

Speak out so that your feelings are dead!


For who might tutor a heart rustic and crude,

It needs a life of song and poetry!

To write in prose might suit your style,

But, I would write a poem to satisfy

My will to express my deepest thoughts!

A man who is not a poet is dead to

Emotions, but a poet lives in Emotions!


Would that you be musical enough, would

That you appreciated the song of the poet!

While prose might be the pastime of the crude,

For me, poetry would souls arouse,

For, to sing a song of life be a need,

For you to stumble through words of

Flattery be the goal of life! Let me

Be, for will I write gladly, a song for you!



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