Saturday, 10 December 2011



In a mood of dejection saw I a sun-flower smile at me!
I   smiled   back  at  her, my  dejection  turned  to  joy!
The  white   blossoms   drove  away   my  dark   mood,
They drove away the dark clouds letting the sun shine!
I thank Nature for  gifting me  these lovely blossoms,
So full of life, so full of joy, e’en though with short life,
Me   think  what right  have I to be so downcast when
The  blossoms deliver  smiles  so tender, full of  love!
Whites,  yellows,  lilacs,   and  roses but be   colours,
To  dispel the pall and gloom that darkens  our lives.
For to see so sweet smiles would be blessings bright,
Gods gifts to a world full of melancholy and sadness!


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