Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A Spring Song of love and joy


 Strains of a love song waft on  the wind,   of   a
 World    so   happy and  young!  While flowers
  Sway    in  unison, and the  trees  nod  heads in
 Unison, for  the  season of  Spring,  of   love ‘n
  Birth   is   nigh!  And  the   world  sings a song!


   Exotic   scents of  flowers  rare,  cloy   the   senses
  With  richness of spice  and  herb. The  new  dawn
  Of   promises   breaks through the horizon,  kissing
  The  petals with golden lips.  Bright pastel   colours
   Of   petals wild,  soothe the eyes  with exotic  balm!


And I,  the wanderer, drink in the bounty of Nature!
Intoxicated   and   high,  on a cocktail of scents  and
Sights  while  the tender breeze caresses my cheeks,
Like  a lover so dear! The promise of a  new world,
So full of  joy  and song lightens my steps as I walk!

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