Saturday, 3 December 2011

Thorns of Life

A life among thorns teaches you that life is not a bed of Roses.
Yet, each time one pricks,  you get wiser of vicissitudes,
Life throws at you! Where you're surrounded by sycophants,
Learn that you shouldn’t be one. For life teaches,
That one’s individuality is one’s
Own and to bow down to Sycophants,
Robs one of life’s rich experiences!

To be what one is best be the best shield,
That protects one from the conformity of the dead!
To live life to the fullest and not be shed,
From the life of fullness  be the need of the glad!
For for forbid that I lead the life of the dead!
I desire to live the life of the glad, not the dead!

I would rather be what I want to be,
To lead a life of creativity and zest,
Would be my desire! Therefore, not to
Be demoralised by bullies be my goal!
You carry your thorns of failure,
I carry my cross of experience, and explore
What life throws at me, and take the bad with good!

Thorns be but things to be taken out.
So throw ye out the thorns of life that
You might live life to the fullest!
And I would rather ignore those,
Who seek to demoralise me,
For they be but children of a lost god!
But I am not lost so let me be!

For bullies abound in life everywhere,
They come in all shapes, bald, and short,
Fat and shrewd,  disgruntled and disfigured!
Life has made them as they are, discounted and sad!
But to steer away from the bullies of life be my desire,
That may I sit and read of the years gone by!
So, would I live a life of fullness unfettered by thorns!

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