Saturday, 3 December 2011

Sunrise-Sleeping in the cold

The morn sun wafts above the horizon,
The red dawn peeps at the sleeping world
The rich sleep indoors while the poor sleep
Out doors! I see the gypsies lying out
In the cold, out in the open, covered by
Single blankets worn so thin!

Wonder, I, how sleep the poor so
Deep? Then see I the peeping fingers
Of dawn bathe the sleepers in warmth of
Love and affection; while sleep the rich
Bereft of the warmth of dawn, tucked in
Blankets that warm no more!

I see two children sleep on the ground,
Wrapped around each other for warmth!
It brings tears to my eyes to see such
Love and affection in children so poor!
But to see such love in children who
Sleep indoors is rare!

For the dawn Sun showers his blessings
On those who’d accept them, but to do so
Requires sleeping on the ground, or life
Out-doors! For to appreciate the warmth of
Dawn in Winter needs one to be cold,
Not wrapped up in electric blankets indoors!

I smile to see the poor lying out on the ground,
Wrapped in blankets bare, gypsies without
Homes. The world is their home, and the
Generous Sun their protector. And I share,
The blessings of God’s Sun for I walk
In the chill of winter, feeling the heat of the sun!

Now and then the mist curls in, rolling over,
Those sleeping in the cold, the blankets
Drawn closer to beat the cold! But, then the
Munificent beams of the rising sun strike
The coils of mist, banishing them away,
While the poor lie sleeping and dreaming.

They have smiles on their faces, of a Fairy World,
Away from the world of cold. I smile too, to think
Of the sun so kind that he gives sweet dreams
To those who sleep in the cold! And so wonder I
about a world where the rich sleep indoors
And the poor outdoors, and all are happy!

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1 comment:

  1. This is one thought that has always been there inside my head,but the way you've out it,is amazing sir,and that too,in a poem!