Friday, 2 March 2012


That  year the roar of  the Lion of Judah was lost forever,
In  its place came the rumble of despots of different kind,
Who  unleashed  the dogs  of war on an innocent people
Of a nation suffering from famine. “The  Revolution,” they
Said, “was because of the Famine,” but famines still exist!

While  Terror Red roamed the streets,  like    vultures    ready,
The   Mothers   hushed  their wailing children, lest the Dergue
Should   hear  and  break   open  the doors!  The   Walls  had
Ears,  and you   watched  your  tongue,  lest  they heard  you!

The   young,   hearing    motherland   call,  joined  the    militia,
To   train with  wooden sticks for  guns! They punched the  air,
And  cheered  aloud, and  went to  fight  a  battle  never  won,
While Despots  ruled a Nation suffering  from famine ‘n’ shame!

While   the nation   suffered  from  further war   and   draught,
The despot   collected gold and silver!  The nation shivered in
Greater    fear,   as   E.P.L.F.  and  T.L.F.  further   advanced,
And   Migs    poured   napalm,   while   hungry children wailed!

For  I sing  a song of  all  those  lost,  in  a  reign  of  fifteen
Years,  of  terror  and madness  sheer! For,  after the reign
Of  lions, came  Hyenas  and despots    who unleashed  the
Dogs  of war on  the  innocent  suffering  from famine harsh!

And so is my song of a Nation of milk and honey, of emperors
Great, sucked  into a vortex of pain and  suffering,  as despots
Collected  gold and  Silver.  For  such  was the  reign of  terror,
It  cowed  down  a  nation  suffering from draught  and  famine!

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