Saturday, 7 April 2012

Deception - A poem about the life of false believers

Deceit,doubt,defamation, damage and denigration,
Make great friends who  work to bring down foundations!
  Acting together they cause sadness and loss!

Deceit and doubt along with denigration,
Work to make weak men strong and strong men weak,
With feeble men they great partners make!

When men of impoverished spirit gamble for chances,
They lay down a foundation of mistrust and doubt and are sucked
into a maelstrom of confusion,  all  tossed together, good and bad!

For it takes ages to build a grand fortress,
But days to bring it down! Where men of lesser minds
Rule the roost, they make deceit and doubt friends!

In an age which is ruled by the Anti Christ,
Lesser men can do naught but be drawn helplessly into
A vortex of deceit, doubt, and damage!

While they reel off scriptures and verses on
Their finger-tips, they plot and plan the worst,
For are they the brethren of Faustus.

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