Friday, 6 April 2012

A visit to Moradabad

The Day  my Cousin, Ernest asked me if I would like to accompany him to Moradabad in Western U.P., and I jumped at the offed since it had been ages since I’d been there. My maternal grandmother lived there when she was alive and my uncles still live there. Moradabad is also known as Pital Nagri, or Brass Town.
We set off at 5:30 in the morning yesterday, passed Ghaziabad and took up the Hapur By-Pass road. Close to the border of the Ghaziabad District, we noticed that a lot of buffaloes were being transported to a particular spot off the road and on a whim we decided to investigate, and were pleasantly surprised to see a Buffalo fair taking place! It was an there was an amazing thrum of activity, and I saw some of the most amazing things. The diesel engine of a three wheeler doubled as a machine for extracting Sugar-cane juice, people were gorging themselves on different varieties of biryanis, venders were selling the juice of a fruit called Bael Pathar, and my, did it taste so good!


Buffaloes being transported

                                                                                                       A village stall with knickknacks for sale



My Cousin in the midst of the melee

                                                                                                               A beautiful specimen of a Buffalo


The three wheeler doubling as a juice-extractor-think of where human ingenuity can take you!

We passed through Garh Ganga, a spot which is revered by devout Hindus and then went on to proceed to Civil Lines where my cousin had to meet some buyers. While waiting for the buyer to turn up, I decided to take some snaps of the Phillips Memorial Methodist Church a Church which my Grand Mother used to frequent every Sunday as long as her health permitted her!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Moradabad I was seeing was quite different from what I had seen in the year 2004! I could see a large number of Foreign banks, and the number of ATMs. has increased! I could also see a large number of Malls, show rooms, fast food joints and housing societies coming up! I guess change has finally caught up with what was once a rather sleepy, lazy town of Moradabad!

2012-04-05 17.28.48                                                    
2012-04-05 17.37.24

After driving out of Moradabad we finally turned into the fast food joint at Bhajan and ordered Cheese-tomato Pizzas and then continued on our journey back to Gurgaon. Who would have thought that there would be so much change taking place in Moradabad! Well, I guess it was a wonderful trip we made after all!

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